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A fireplace insert is a stove specially designed to be retrofit into an existing fireplace. 

Fireplace inserts were developed as a means of converting an open fireplace into a powerful heating source.

A fireplace with an open damper is the equivalent of keeping a window open all winter! 15% or more of your energy dollars may be going right up your chimney. By installing a fireplace insert, the damper area is blocked off to help stop heated air from escaping up your chimney.

Controlled combustion, glass windows, optimized venting methods plus advanced combustion and heat extraction design means a fireplace insert will create more heat - up to 10 times as much heat from the same amount of fuel - than an open burning fireplace. A fireplace insert uses less fuel and turns converts that fuel to usable btu's for primary, supplemental or emergency backup heating.


For those homeowners who need to line an unlined fireplace chimney or reline a damaged fireplace flue, we will gladly restore it to its original design by lining the chimney with a state-of-the-art stainless steel chimney liner, but keep in mind the inefficiency of your open fireplace. But if you consider the alternative of installing a wood burning insert, you can usually make a high-effiency conversion for less money, quickly recouping your investment through less energy loss and added heating capability.

Buck Wood Stoves & Inserts

There are a number of great reasons to burn wood in your fireplace: wood is a renewable energy source, it's abundantly available and inexpensive in our area, and a real wood fire warms the soul like nothing else can. And by installing a wood burning insert in your fireplace, you can enjoy up to 8 times as much heat from the same amount of wood! Fill the wood stove with about half as much wood as your open fireplace, and it will burn for 8 hours or more in a standard size model. Glass windows mean you'll still enjoy your fire view, but you'll make less smoke, haul less wood and heat up to 2000 sq. ft. or more! Wood inserts offer great supplemental or emergency heating.

Buck 81 Wood Burning Insert
Retrofits into existing masonry fireplace, heats 1600 to 2700 sq. ft.

Model 81 provides a rich, dramatic focal point for a full view of the flames. The Model 81 is an outstanding choice for larger home heating requirements and exceeds expectations in form and function. Standard features include durable non-catalytic technology, factory installed variable speed blower, ash removal tray and glass door with airwash system. The Model 81 is available as a freestanding stove or as an insert for your masonry fireplace with a heating capacity of 1600 to 2700 square feet. Choose from black, pewter or brass door.


1600 to 2700 Square Feet

EPA Tested Output BTU/H


Emissions G/H


Cubic Ft. Firebox Volume


Firewood Length


Ash Pan




Flue Size




Stove Weight


We install a stainless steel chimney liner, attached to the flue outlet on the stove, to downsize the flue area. This provides optimum stove performance and efficiency, keeping the chimney cleaner and the stove burning longer and cleaner.


Whether you need annual maintenance for a newer home or complete renovation for your older home, we're here to help! And Remember...

"If it concerns your fireplace, it concerns us!"

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